Tuesday, June 16, 2009

from a 270 phone number, Monday, June 15, 7:50 PM

i miss u guys its tuesday night and we havent had a game night or oven burritoes since u left :(
from a 270 phone number, Tuesday, June 16, 7:49 PM

Paddidle sounds like a game only worth playing if you're going to be on a very long nighttime drive with attractive people in your car. Otherwise, not sure I see the fun in it.
FWD: Holy heck. Okay

ftom an 865 phone number, Sunday, June 14, 10:29 PM

Ugh. I hate when I just get the boring responses to what sound like fabulously intriguing texts.
Hey this is reem ahmed i miss u so much srruy if u domt want me to txt u
from an 810 phone number, Sunday, June 14, 9:16 PM

That is so sad, to be in a position where you miss someone so much, yet it's possible they don't even want you to text them at all. I wonder if Reem and Leila just broke up.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

FWD: Whaaaa! I boresedded @ ashs sball game
from an 860 phone number, Sunay, June 14, 4:30 PM

Raise your hand, please, if you have ever boresedded before. Or even if you have just thought about boresedding.

Right, I thought as much.
I for got ur books
from a 313 phone number, Sunday, June 14, 3:04 PM

This sounds almost like 313 got Leila's books, which would be like, Hey, thanks, 303!-- until you realize she forgot Leila's books, which is a different thing entirely.
So what are you guys up to?
from a 774 phone number, Saturday. June 13, 6:11 PM

I still have to eat and everything ill text you when i really know if im going or not
from a 774 phone number, Sunday, June 14, 5:48 PM

774 uses texting for the same thing that I use texting for; namely, making plans with friends. When text messages try to relay much more information than that, I often get overwhelmed.
Hi leila be
from a 973 phone number, Friday, June 12, 9:28 PM

I like that as a nickname. Leila Be. That's cute. I've never had a nickname, but I wouldn't balk at that one.
jones hey mommy can you come check me out...wer'e not doing anything and we just set up like 1000 chairs...only 5 girls did this!

from an 805 phone number, Friday, June 12, 2:31 PM

I wonder what event would require 805 to set up like 1000 chairs? I wonder if Leila Jones is actually 805's mother?
Can you do me a huge favor and give me some of the other newbies numbers?
from a 609 phone number, Thursday, June 11, 7:15 PM

This is the same area code as that kid who's always asking Leila to go skating. I don't think it's the same phone number, though, because it's not the same writing style. Still, I wonder if it's directed to the same Intended Leila. I wonder how many Leilas there are in 609.
Oh i will...and it is really epic!!!!
from an 845 phone number, Thursday, June 11, 4:27 PM

The only thing better than epic things is epic!!!! things.