Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love u my beautiful sister.In nine minutes something will make you happy but you have to send to nine sister's including me God is good.... :)
from a 734 phone number, Wednesday, April 22,, 10:05 PM

I think if God were REALLY good, His actions would not depend on whether Leila forwards a text message nine times... but, you know, who am I to claim to understand the divine.
Oh dear lord make it stop
from a 617 phone number, Wednesday, April 22, 9:32 PM

Yet another beneficiary of Massachusetts who does not seem sufficiently appreciative of her good fortune.
=) I ROCK =]
from a 408 phone number, Wednesday, April 22, 8:55 PM

sucks how u were in mass today...
from a 207 phone number, Wednesday, April 22, 7:45 PM

Not really. Because Massachusetts is a wonderful, glorious state where dreams come true. How could being there ever suck?
hey i went to the gift shop nicks on the ride now
from a 978 phone number. Wednesday, April 22, 2:30 PM

Gift shops? Rides? Do you think 978 and Nick are at an amusement park? I HOPE they are!
ritas actn funny

from a 540 phone number, Tuesday, April 21, 5:47 PM

Funny how? I can't diagnose this (and neither would Leila be able to) without a little more in-depth description of Rita's symptoms.
don't you have pei fen?
from a 415 phone number, Tuesday, April 21, 4:46 PM

I googled this, and it seems like there are just some folks named Pei Fen. So what is 415 asking? Like, "Don't you have a person named Pei Fen, Leila?" No. I do not.
train leaves at 1027
from a 978 phone number, Tuesday, April 21, 2:42 PM

That's just a few minutes from now. If Leila runs, she can still make it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Is Lisa and Bernice luncheon tomorrow or wed?
from a 661 phone number, Monday, April 20, 9:03 PM

You know my standards are low when I say, genuinely: Nice use of capitalization, 661!
Fwd: Fwd: A blessing is coming 2 u in the form of money. Dont ask questions just 4ward to 8 people & trust god. I did. You only get one chance! x
from a 513 phone number, Monday, April 20, 6:39 PM

I'm sorry. A blessing... in the form of money? Are you really allowed to know what form your blessing will take? Does knowing that it's money make you more likely to forward this text? Isn't that kind of materialistic? Also, "dont ask questions"? Is this money going to arrive in some immoral way, but Leila should just accept it and not ask questions?
It is pass time do u stil want it
from a 404 phone number, Monday, April 20, 10:28 AM

when do you think you will be home?
from a 404 phone number, Monday, April 20, 5:21 PM

Do we think "pass time" is a thing, or do we think 404 means "past time"?

Also: IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! For at least another 40 minutes. (I am not a subtle or humble birthday girl.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey leila i know this is a weird question but is ur network Verizon?

from an 805 phone number, Friday, April 17, 8:41 PM

Now, I don't know what network Leila is on. But I do know that >*michelle*< is on Verizon. Because otherwise her text messages wouldn't come to me. is this going....serious? fun?....should we all meet each other? I'm just curious....
from a 207 phone number, Friday, April 17, 6:11 AM

I think you should meet Jack even if this is NOT serious. Why not? Does Leila just date so many goddamn dudes that you need to have a policy of meeting only the serious ones? And what if Leila doesn't even know yet where this is going? What if she thinks it's going to be serious, but Jack thinks it's only fun? What's with all these defining-the-relationship questions, 207?