Thursday, May 20, 2010

The show airs @ 7 and 8 pm! I hate my plastic surgery
from a 310 phone number, Monday, May 10, 7:37 PM EST

I don't own a TV, so if it weren't for the Leila Texts, I would never know that there exist shows like True Life: I Hate My Plastic Surgery.
Lots of nurds
from a 650 phone number, Sunday, May 9, 5:35 PM EST

That pretty much describes my social circle.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hi Leila mom seems to think that the church service had gang beating and demonic music. Unable to reason with her. Just sympathize with her feelings.
from a 503 phone number, Tuesday, May 11, 12:06 AM EST

What, you're trying to tell me the church service DIDN'T have gang beatings? I don't believe that.
from a 516 phone number, Wednesday, May 12, 9:19 PM EST

Then there are the Leila Texters who just want to tear down my already fragile ego. Okay.
we're done.. i dont want to talk about it anymore.. and i want my dildo back
from a 706 phone number, Thursday, May 13, 8:41 PM EST

Sometimes people text L-E-I-L-A just to see if the Leila Texts are really real, or if I just make them all up in my head. Also I think they want to see what outrageous messages they can get posted on this blog. Well, here you are, readers in the 706 area code. I will never refuse a text about dildos, no matter how fake I think it is.
AND what about shandy she automatic going be like oh y u going home already AND if u r planning 2 ride da bus u best let me know
from an 808 phone number, Saturday, May 15, 1:22 PM EST

INEXPLICABLE DRAMA! My favorite kind!
Dont call me
from a 774 phone number, Monday, May 17, 7:31 AM EST

Ew. I wouldn't.
hey chick did i pay u? yesterday for driving us i had 2 tens and now i cant find um lol i was so drunk lastnight never drinking again!my neighbor prolly
from a 931 phone number, Monday, May 17, 1:44 PM EST

thinks im crazy
from a 931 phone number, Monday, May 17, 1:44 PM EST

You heard it here, folks. 931 is "never drinking again." This is a serious vow of straight-edgedness that she is going to stick to now. FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.
Nice six pack abs! He is my new favorite nfl player....haha
from a 610 phone number, Monday, May 17, 9:16 PM EST

I'd like to say that I would never "objectify" men by admiring them based on their physical features, because instead I "respect" them as athletes and I am "offended" by this text message... but, what the hell.
Hahaha lmfao omfg lmao your team lmao
from a 617 phone number, Tuesday, May 18, 7:09 AM EST

By "lmfao," I hope 617 means LMFAO.
rueben found lisa dead this am
will let you know more when i find out

from a 702 phone number, Tuesday, May 18, 1:03 PM EST

Wow. I really hope Lisa is a goldfish and not a human.