Thursday, June 4, 2009

omg im home alone in the dark and all i have is candles and its like pouring and there is mee im scared
from a 503 phone number, Thursday, June 4, 8:42 PM

The only help I can really give you is to say 1) get a flashlight and 2) stop wearing down the battery on your cell phone. But, then, I really like rainstorms, so I guess I'm not that sympathetic.
hey ur bro keeps textin me
from a 661 phone number, Thursday, June 4, 8:27 PM

This doesn't often happen to me. Well, actually, sometimes Heddle's bro texts me. But that's it.
FWD: Did we get 1000 points i hope we did
from an 860 phone number, Thursday, June 4 3:48 PM

Perhaps another, much-delayed Scav Hunt text?
FWD: Someone just called and said they saw someone smoking a joint wearin a thong riding a goat. I will come get u this time . But this shit has 2 stop.
from a 207 phone number, Thursday, June 4, 9:29 AM

I am not so mature that I'm not a little amused by this.
FWD: wat do we hav 2 now about the utensils and safety stuff in science
from a 763 phone number, Wednesday, June 3 8:24 PM

Presumably more than can be related in 160 characters.
Are u ok? Tony tried to call the store collect tonight.
from a 207 phone number, Wednesday, June 3, 8:07 PM

I have a friend named Tony and, while I have grown accustomed to seeing my own name in text messages and knowing it's not for me, I am always surprised when my friends' names are in text messages that are not about them. My instinct when I saw this text was, "Tony called the store collect tonight? Wait, what store?" It took me a moment.
Tell Fuad where the computer is
from a 510 phone number, Wednesday, June 3, 6:57 PM

What is spa next to
from a 510 phone number, Thursday, June 4, 9:38 PM

Wow, 510 just can't find anything, can he? Not the computer, not the spa... He would be so lost without Leila.
ahmad Heyyyy

from a 724 phone number, Wednesday, June 3, 7:14 AM

There are a lot of Leila Ahmads on facebook. I can't tell which one was supposed to receive this text message. That's the problem with the name Leila. There are way fewer Leila Huntingtons, for example, or Leila Stones.
from a 978 phone number, Tuesday, June 2, 9:12 PM

What does this mean? It's not the 5-digit code for "google," I'll tell you that. All it spells is fleet. Not very exciting. Ooh, maybe it is related to Mobile Date Channel. I hope so. That would be so trashy.

Monday, June 1, 2009

hi aunt im going to coumbus tomorrow 4 the day...stop at dannys and shop...interested?
from a 440 phone number, Monday, June 1, 2:15 PM

440 must have a really close relationship with her Aunt Leila. I am impressed. I wonder what the age difference is there?
Dont put ur nasty feet on me
from a 313 phone number, Sunday, May 31, 3:34 PM

U better
from a 313 phone number, Sunday, May 31, 3:34 PM

Ur gay
from a 313 phone number, Sunday, May 31, 3:37 PM

Man, 313 must have thought she was so hilarious as she and Leila sat together and she surreptitiously texted Leila these little snide comments. And then she must have been so confused when Leila didn't react at all. Wow, Leila, what a poker face you've got!
miss you.....what r u doing 2nite?
from a 917 phone number, Saturday, May 30, 8:04 PM

Usually, if I really miss someone and want to see them a lot, I try to give them more than half an hour's notice.