Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hi...Do u still have the ipad charger.? Or wher did u put it? Love u
from a 270 phone number, Monday, March 14, 12:00 PM EST

I don't even have an iPad. So I probably don't have the iPad charger, either.
I may have found a new sitter for lor im going to meet with her thursday and will let you know

from a 208 phone number, Tuesday, March 15, 6:35 PM EST

Wassup sitter!
from a 302 phone number, Sunday, March 13, 12:38 PM EST

Lot of mentions of sitters this week. Some make more sense than others.
Omg i, gonna die. There are 2 big jars of pickels in my house and i cant eat them. Ohhhh why!
from a 347 phone number, Sunday, March 13, 12:18 PM EST

Thursday begins the harry potter weekend and you get a sneak peak at the deathly hallows pt.2
from a 347 phone number, Sunday, March 13, 12:347 PM EST

Leila could you text me the math hw. Like a smarty i didnt copy it.
from a 347 phone number, Sunday, March 13, 3:45 PM EST

I have some questions.

1) Why are there two big jars of pickles in your house?
2) Why can't you eat them?
3) Why does that bother you so much?
Hey guys,
Dad contacted Wesley Chapel Toyota and they will get back w him tomorrow w a price on the car u want and the value of trade.

from an 863 phone number, Monday, March 14, 8:40 PM EST

Thank God for dads. They are so good at that sort of thing. If Leila had been left in charge of this, she probably NEVER would have contacted Wesley Chapel Toyota. She would have just idly wanted that other car for YEARS.
Im srry about every thang than i said and my ideat friend rheanna

from a 541 phone number, Tuesday, March 15, 8:34 PM EST

When you're falling someone else an idiot, but you're spelling it "ideat," it's kind of a pot-calling-kettle-black type of situation.
Leila, are you ok? I see you left a voice mail,I can.t open it. pls send me a text. could not come by friday. cole had to have 2 teeth pulled.
from a 703 phone number, Thursday, March 17, 10:18 AM EST

This sounds like a challenging week for 703. Cole had to get two teeth pulled AND she couldn't open a voicemail?
Hey Leila it's Bianca u might not recognize this number bc I'm txting u from my ipod touch

from a 609 phone number, Friday, March 18, 7:52 AM EST

I should form a Justine Bieber fan club out of a bunch of these Leila Texters. I honestly can't even keep track of how many of them have the Biebs in their sig lines.
Hey I am having a Brthday bash at Pump It up for Jared's 7th bday on Sunday April 3rd at 12: 15. hope you and Yancy can make it with Gaby. I love you.
from a 904 phone number, Friday, March 18, 8:44 PM EST

Pump It Up is the inflatable party zone. So, yes. I would love to go.
shavegooze < 333 hi(:
from a 949 phone number, Saturday, March 19, 1:01 AM EST

For some reason this sounds like a genre of music to me. Like shoegaze.
Please go to watch the finals in your event.
from a 928 phone number, Saturday, March 19, 7:28 PM EST

Yeah, even though you lost already. Show your face. It's just common courtesy.
FWD: Dont forget to.check out tonites super moon...largest.brightess and closest to Earth in almost 20 years.
from a 520 phone number, Saturday, March 19, 8:44 PM EST

I saw it! It was gorgeous! And apparently it is called a "Supermoon." (I'm sorry if that sounds dumb, but that is what the Internet says.)
What is the name of that dubstep song ?" your cinesn
from a 781 phone number, Saturday, March 19, 8:56 PM EST

from a 781 phone number, Saturday, March 19, 8:57 PM EST

Possibly this song here? I don't know very much about dubstep, I'm afraid.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

from margaret FWD: She is a MODEL citizen. OMG- where did this kid come from? She's NEVER been so nice. I'm a fluster.
from a 484 phone number, Sunday, March 13, 11:41 AM ESTM

Margaret, it sounds like she WANTS something out of you. That, or, she underwent personality restructuring.
Where this party at that you at
from a 267 phone number, Saturday, March 12, 11:17 PM EST

That is the key question. That is always, really, the question.
At scool we had a monstertruk assembly but they wer just jeep driving up ramps
from a 909 phone number, Monday, March 14, 12:55 AM EST

On the one hand, I agree that jeeps driving up ramps doesn't count as actual monstertrucks. On the other hand... even a lame monstertruck assembly is still A MONSTERTRUCK ASSEMBLY, and that's better than an assembly about, like, not smoking.