Saturday, September 4, 2010

meet me at the mall at 5?
from an 802 phone number, Wednesday, September 1, 11:15 AM EST

Remember when the mall used to be a super-cool place and you were always arranging to meet your friends there? That was a great social scene.
Hi dear i called afsaneh twice there was no answer i left message each time do you think i cal her again?
from a 409 phone number, Wednesday, September 1, 6:19 PM EST

No, I think you can text or email her, but I think at this point you've done the phone thing to death. Some people just don't check voicemail. Afsaneh may be one of them.
Just found a rotten chicken sandwich in my loader pew nasty
from a 757 phone number, Thursday, September 2, 9:11 AM EST

I have to wonder what 757's relationship is to Leila that she felt compelled to share this with her. Maybe Leila is really interested in rotten food?
We r planning a cookout at shelleys house on saturday.
from a 727 phone number, Friday, September 3, 8:16 AM EST

Wooooo happy Labor Day weekend!
i hate leila
from a 770 phone number, Friday, September 3, 6:19 PM EST

Oh yeah? Well I hate YOU.
Send me a picture of him please
from a 203 phone number, Saturday, September 4, 8:57 AM EST

Yeah. Pics or it didn't happen.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

today is my sister, Mari's birthday. Wats kraka-lackn
from a 302 phone number, Tuesday, August 31, 7:26 AM EST

As you are likely aware if you read this blog a lot, I hate it when people text Leilas to say simply "whats up." I guess it's a little better when they throw in some spice and say "Wats kraka-lackn." A LITTLE better.
Maman joon i am testing my new fon tell me if u got my mssge
from a 310 phone number, Tuesday, August 31, 1:17 PM EST

Considering the number of misspellings in this text, I guess it's most likely that 310 is trying to say "Mama and Joon." But what I prefer to believe is that 310 is French, and he calls his mother maman. Is that so much to hope for?
poop! yay!
from a 610 phone number, Tuesday, August 31, 7:13 PM EST

The Leila Texts started going downhill around the same time that they started giving cell phones to five year olds.
I am awsome

from a 978 phone number, Tuesday, August 31, 9:14 PM EST

No false modesty here, folks!