Saturday, January 24, 2009

We r at the town well b bck
from a 774 phone number, Tuesday, January 20, 3:12 PM

hi mom has bought two ice creams for you and your friends. don't forget to call cathy no need to pickyou
from a 909 phone number, Tuesday, January 20, 4:53 PM

The Inauguration was so major, so absolutely inescapable on Tuesday, that it boggles my mind that there were people in this country just calmly living their lives, being at the town, being back again, buying ice creams... It feels so disjointed to me, like these Leilas live in a different America than I do.

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Katie said...

I know it might just be misssing punctuation, but do you think that these people could be at "the town well" ? So they might live in a town that actually has a well in the middle of it? And maybe they were gathered there on this historic day . . .