Tuesday, April 8, 2008

send me a pic
from a 917 phone number, Saturday, April 5, 6:53 PM

Why does this phrase always sound so dirty? 917 could very well mean "a pic of your new dog" or "a pic of your dress." But somehow I immediately jump to the conclusion that 917 means "a naked pic." Does anyone else have this problem, too? Had 917 written "send me a photograph," I would not be so grossed out.


P H said...

it's funny that you jump to this conclusion. i think it's highly indicative of you rather than the word "pic."

texting "send me a photograph"? He might as well text "send me a PHONOgraph."

Steven Yenzer said...

My mind jumped to dirtiness as well. It's always "pic" in online singles ads.