Saturday, July 18, 2009

from what time to what timebdo u work tonight
from a 253 phone number, Friday, July 17, 10:16 PM

if i take abcab up there r u going to be there
from a 253 phone number, Saturday, July 18, 2:32 AM

hey girl i want to talk to u about last nighht i wasnt ready to go home thats why i stayed ill tell u later why and some other stuff k
from a 253 phone number, Saturday, July 18, 2:33 PM

Obviously Leila worked until late last night, and then 253 wanted to know if they could meet up afterward (i.e. at 2:30 AM) or not. I just can't tell if Leila and 253 actually DID meet up afterward, and then Leila went home alone while 253 stayed out, or if Leila texted at 2:30 AM to say, "Yeah, take a cab up here!" and 253 didn't because he "wasnt ready to go home."

Real question: Was text number 2 a booty text, or no?

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