Saturday, July 18, 2009

call asap baby is fine but cant labor so c section...
from a 917 phone number, Thursday, July 16, 9:43 PM

Ladies and gentlemen: Not to be a luddite, but I think that text message may not be the best way to communicate vital pieces of childbirthing information while you're in labor.


heidi said...

Having been on bed-rest at the hospital, waiting to go into labor, Texting was the BEST way to keep in touch with everyone. There were too many rules & extra #'s to use the hospital phone.

Leila said...

WOW. That had never occurred to me, Heidi, but now that you've said it, it actually makes total sense. I take back what I said in this post. I would be all about text messaging if I were waiting to go into labor.

That said, I would probably also practice beforehand, to make sure my texts actually reached their intended recipients. That seems important, when you're birthing children.