Sunday, May 25, 2008

hey sorry! i just started my period n my sis just left to get my medicine...i dont think ill make it up
from a 301 phone number, Saturday, May 24, 3:17 PM

Speaking here as a woman, I think it's weird that 301 has personalized period-medicine. She doesn't say, "My sis just left to get Mydol"; no, she says, "My sis just left to get my medicine" (emphasis mine). 301 must have one hardcore period, as what I take away here is:

1. she has specialized medicine just for her.
2. she can't even make it to the drugstore; someone else has to do that for her.
3. she can't make it to meet Leila, either.

It sounds downright debilitating! I don't envy her.

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