Saturday, February 2, 2008

hey dorkiss kiss cause you like to kiss peeps and you like to or wish you could make out with chris brown(chris breezy) ***A.E.C***
from a 541 phone number, Thursday, January 31, 1:22 AM

Hey little person...I LOVE CARSON! ***A.E.C***
from a 541 phone number, Thursday, January 31, 1:27 AM

hey whats up with you today? I love texting on this phone and I could text forever on it!!!!! ***A.E.C***
from a 541 phone number, Thursday. January 31, 2:54 PM

A.E.C has waaaaay more energy than I ever do. A.E.C also has this "sig line" with the little asterisks and so on, which I think gives her text messages a real "trademark."

Do you know who Chris Brown is? I did not until I googled him. Here are two fascinating sites I unearthed:

a discussion among preteen girls about how much they love Chris Breezy
Chris Breezy performing a song and dance number on FOX

Leila wishes she could make out with him, you know.

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