Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey leila it is Alex. How are you doing buddy. I hope you have fun this weekend at thr superbull party. Please take alot of pictures of that hot guy.
from a 503 phone number, Friday, February 1, 8:29 PM

Hey it is alex again. Just letting you know that you are one of my really great friends.
Luv ya

from a 503 phone number. Friday, February 1, 8:38 PM

Hey girl it is alex. Did you see the snow outside? Maybe we should hang out later on today!
from a 503 phone number, Saturday., February 2, 1:19 PM

Hey it is alex again. call me later on when you get the chance.
Luv ya

from a 503 phone number, Saturday, February 2, 1:21 PM

Here is my only question: Why does Alex feel the need to identify herself at the beginning of every text message ("Hey it is Alex")? Can't Leila just save Alex's number into her phone? I mean, at this point, EVEN I recognize when a text message is from Alex.

It's like when people start their emails by saying, "Hi Leila, it's Jane Smith." And I'm like, "Really. Because you know, your email address is"

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woobs said...

"and im like 'really.'"