Thursday, February 9, 2012

FWD: Hey its Lorena. ur confirmation number is 5IBCYO. delta charges for a suitcase so try to bring a carry on luggage.
from a 203 phone number, Wednesday, February 8, 11:50 AM EST

More from this 203, who has been planning this trip through many, many text messages.

Also, if I may: WHY do airlines charge for the first suitcase? That just leads to people trying to stick really big bags into the overhead compartments, which leads to crowded aisles and annoyed flight attendants. I understand you want to make money, but wouldn't your employees have higher job satisfaction if they didn't have to deal with people trying to fit 50-pound bags overhead?

Just saying.

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Jeremy said...

Bag fees are the only things that make money nowadays!

Also, you might want to XXX out the confirmation number. Someone can use that to muck up with their reservation.