Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Leilaaa ask your mom if you can go to the game now bcs when you ask last minute she changes her mind
from a 224 phone number, Friday, March 4, 11:05 AM EST

Maybe this is just me, but I HATE these sorts of friends, who you have to micromanage. Like, "Hey, Leila, ask your mom for permission now instead of waiting to the last second like you usually do!" "If you're coming over for a sleepover tonight, you have to figure out who is going to drive you." "You should leave your house now in order to meet me half an hour from now." Like, why can't people figure this out on their own?

Is this just me?

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Courtney said...

haha, I had a friend like that in highschool--she once got mad because we lied about the start time of the movie we were seeing because she was always running late. (ironically, our deception was uncovered when we went to pick her up & she hadn't even gotten in the shower yet.)

sadly, some of my friends are still "that friend."