Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy valentines Day Love Gerry
from a 603 phone number, Thursday, February 14, 9:24 AM

Happy valentine day
from a 978 p[hone number, Thursday, February 14, 9:51 AM

I love u
from a 914 phone number Thursday, February 14, 3:25 PM

This was it for the Valentine's Day wishes. It's a little of a disappointing showing. I mean, I got way more misdirected "Happy Thanksgiving" texts back in November. Are so few people really in love with Leilas? I don't accept it.


Lucy said...

I suspect that, in fact, people who are really in love with Leilas are not retarded enough to a) send a text message and b) send a text message to the wrong person.

Leila said...

Oh, yeah! I like your explanation better. Because then it's like, only really smart people are in love with Leilas. Very flattering.