Monday, April 6, 2009

maloney FWD: Um funny cute talk good personality
from a 215 phone number, Wednesday, April 1, 8:55 PM

This girl. She's in the Philadelphia network on facebook, and 215 is a Philadelphia area code. More obviously, that is the only Leila Maloney on facebook and possibly in the world. Having spent a lot of time thinking about Leilas, I can say with some authority that "Maloney" is not a common last name for them.

Anyway... Are we talking about a guy here? Are we saying he is funny, he is cute, he talks, and he has a good personality? Or he is funny, he is cute, he talks good, and he has a personality? Whatever. He sounds like a keeper.


Connor said...

You are a detective!!!

Anonymous said...

omg!!! thats me!!!!!
i dont understand how this happened?
this is kinda creepy