Sunday, February 22, 2009

what time are we meating there

from a 706 phone number, Friday, February 20, 6:02 PM

Sometimes people-- and I count myself in this number-- argue that kids are reading more nowadays than they have in the past. Even if they're not reading traditional printed material (books, newspapers), at least they're reading away messages and text messages, and that alone-- any sort of reading-- increases literacy skills.

Then I receive a text message that includes the word "meating," and I'm like, "Never mind."


Tjok! said...

You never know, it could be some kind of new teenage sex-jargon.

Nemo said...

I was picturing more like steak fight. I the picture, this is like a knife fight, but with steaks. Not steak knives, just steaks.

Leila said...

Do I see a ScavOlympics item??