Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hey where r u
att Xoxo-ANJANAE!!!!

from a 281 phone number, Tuesday, January 6, 4:59 PM

Nice sig line. I wonder is Anianae is her real name, or a nick name? Is it Greek, do we think? No--Latin. That "ae" dipthong is so Latin.


Dutch Chocolate Army said...

this is funny and clever. maybe you could add "in bed" to the end of each one like a fortune cookie. join the army.

Michael said...

It's actually spelled "diphthong"--there's an extra "h" in there. But I'm not being critical here; I'm just excited that something I learned at my job is actually relevant.

Leila said...

Thank you, Michael! I was WONDERING why my spell check didn't recognize the word "dipthong." I was like, "Obviously it is because my spell check does not know Latin." But actually it is because I cannot spell. Good to know.