Monday, January 5, 2009

FWD:Fwd: FW:Msg: FWD: Fwd:Dont send if u dont mean it. *PROMISE* we will ALWAYS be friends :) send this to ten friends even me or lose ten slowly.
from a 719 phone number, Sunday, January 4, 7:59 PM

Fwd: Msg: Fwd: Call me*67 leave a voicemail saying somthing u always wanted 2 tell me. keep this going&see How many calls you get dont
from a 719 phone number, Monday, January 5, 8:00 PM

Okay, sure:

"Hey, this is Leila. It's about 8:01 on Monday. I just got your text. Somthing I've always wanted 2 tell you... is that you send me way too many text forwards. And a lot of them sound kind of threatening. So... don't do that so much? Okay, catch you later, bye!"

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