Saturday, April 19, 2008

we are on the 7th hole were coming
from a 951 phone number, Tuesday, April 15, 6:59 PM

This is obviously from some beleaguered husband whose nagging wife Leila has been demanding that he come home for dinner, and dinner's been on the table since 6:45, yet he's still not home because, duh, he's out golfing with the buddies. Can't the lady have a little patience? Must she deny him these few brief hours of joy after work? When he makes the money that allows her to put dinner on the table in the first place?

When 951 sent this text, poised at the 7th hole, he must have given a sigh of frustration. And his golfing buddies must have said, "What is it, 951 man?" (They probably called him by his real name, though.)

And then he would have said, "Ah, nothing. Just the wife."

And they all would have shook their heads knowingly and said, "Women. It's just how they are. Your shot."

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dan bruno said...

Yikes. If they're on the seventh hole out of eighteen, Leila has a bit of a wait ahead of her.