Sunday, April 13, 2008

I really dont understand why you are doing this..i just wish we could talk this out..please just text me back ignoring me is not the answer..i love you..
from an 828 phone number, Sunday, April 13, 4:56 PM

All right, all your worrywarts, before you ask me: Yes, I texted this person back and told them that Leila had not received the text. Now, whether they texted Leila again, and whether she ever replied, is anyone's guess.

One lesson I would like everyone to learn from this blog-- because I think we see this evidenced time and time again-- is that you should not break up with someone, or end a friendship, via text message. I mean it. I think a break-up conversation should require more than 160 characters. Furthermore, a text message is too easily misdirected (i.e. to me) or forwarded on to other friends or simply misunderstood. If you are such a wimp that you can't break up with someone in person or via telephone, and you have to rely on a text message to do it... then, I'm sorry, but get your act together.

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Tjok! said...

Well, a the breakup might not have happened via text. However, she might not be answering her phone.

Then, the only way to get her to listen would be to send a text. She'll open it no matter what. I would, unless the guy seriously wronged me and I don't give a flying fuck about what he's trying to tell me.

But, that's different.