Saturday, April 19, 2008

RE: It took 1 min 2 like u. A day 2 luv u. N it will take a lifetime 2 4get u. Fwd 2 every friend u dnt
from a 542 phone number, Monday, April 14, 11:43 PM

This isn't romantic; it's pathetic. If it took 542 one minute to like Leila and one day to love her, then 542 probably does not have a very advanced concept of like or love. I'm not necessarily denying love at first sight... I just think this is an oversimplification of some complex emotions.

That said, I like the use of numbers here. 542 worked in 1, 2, and 4. No 3's here, though. Pity it doesn't end with the line "it will take 3 lifetimes 2 4get u." Ah, well.

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Nemo said...

Well, some of us find the progression "1, 2, 4" more natural than "1, 2, 3", but I suspect that's due to brainwashing.