Monday, September 15, 2008

Annnnnd we're back. After ten days out of the country, I return to no fewer than TWENTY-THREE Leila Texts, not counting a few of you who just texted to say hi (Hello, 207). I've deleted the more boring texts, but it's still going to take us a while to get caught up. Let's start with this gem:

Hey its me wat ya doinghome dogg cutie
from a 925 phone number

Hey its me wat ya doing home dogg i was jk srry that was my sis...Oooppps ...So wat ya doing?
from a 925 phone number

Just so you understand, none of the texts that I received during my vacation will be posted with dates and times (as is usually our custom, here at Leila Text Headquarters) because I received them all yesterday.

As for 925: What is he srry, jking about? Is he claiming the the first text was sent by his sis? Because both these texts were so obviously sent by the same person, I don't buy that excuse for an instant.

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