Monday, September 15, 2008

good morning princesa
from a 508 phone number

maybe you teacher me better
from a 508 phone number

what you whant
live me alone

from a 508 phone number

hahahahahahaha San
from a 508 phone number

This is a series of text messages that could be greatly clarified by times. I received them all in a row, is all I know, so likely in the same day-- but spread out over how many hours? "live me alone," assuming it's meant seriously, expresses a vastly different sentiment from "good morning princesa." What happened between text one and text three, do you think?


km said...

this is a phenomenal exercise of being grammatically incompetent in multiple languages.

Josh said...

maybe they're song titles?

Emily said...

"Live me alone" kind of sounds like an accented "leave me alone"

("I vant to be aloone")