Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hey call me im bored in dance class wishing u are here did imention im very very bored bye bye ttyl ttfn l8r g8r
from a 415 phone number, Tuesday, September 11, 9:14 PM

This girl should hook up with the 608 area code girl who was so bored at the library last weekend, and then they would both stop being bored. That would kill two birds with one stone.

It seems wrong that this girl should be very very bored, though. What dance class gives you time to text? This is obviously not like advanced ballet here. Maybe it's a social dance class. Whatever it is, they should really be working the kids harder.

I find it funny that, when people are bored, they text their friends (Specifically their friends named Leila). I mean, I do the same, all the time, so I absolutely relate. But I still find it funny. What did humans do when they were bored before the advent of texting?

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