Saturday, October 6, 2007

hey u just wanted to say hi
from a 909 phone number, Friday, October 5, 6:09 PM

As with the 949 person who asked Leila "how's skool" a few entries back, this text could either be really sweet or really annoying. It all depends what Leila's relationship is with the 909 guy. If it's a friend of hers who lives in a different state and they don't get to talk all that often, then it's nice of him to text just to say hi, just so she knows they're still friends.

On the other hand, if this is a boy with whom she once, a number of months ago, went out on a date, and she's been avoiding him ever since, and he's still texting to say, "hey u just wanted to say hi," then really he should just lay off. And had Leila received this text, as was intended, she would have turned to her friends and been like, "God, that guy is still texting me, and he has nothing to say, even; he can't even come up with a good pretense for texting me."

It's all a matter of perspective, is the point.

To ponder: Is a text message saying "hey u just wanted to say hi" better than those text messages that I constantly criticize that just say "hi"?


Connor said...

I won't comment on what's better or worse, but I think these longer ones are a better candidate for annoying, clingy boys. They seem to go out of their way to justify their existence: "I just want to say 'hi'... it's Nothing Major... just a Casual 'Hi'"

Whereas it's hard to interpret a "hi" text as anything but "I'm so fucking bored that not only am I sending you a pointless text, but I can't even stir my brain to come up with something more interesting/creative"

Lucy said...

What strikes me about this is, while he might just want to say "hi", he doesn't necessarily actually KNOW her phone number, just her name. Which is Leila. I feel like, if 909 was actually that close to Leila, he'd have her number. The fact that it came to YOU kind of smacks of "Hi, I'm thirteen and you wouldn't give me your number but I will try to get in touch with you anyway because clearly you are the ONLY Leila. Also I am clingy."