Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wed is going to suck. Bus is at 7:15am for noon flight
from a 303 phone number, Friday, October 26, 5:25 PM

Ughhhh that IS going to suck! Leila will have to wake up at like 6:45 AM, and that's still assuming she's finished all her packing the night before. I don't envy the girl. Move closer to the airport, why don't you? If it's a noon flight, you don't really need to be there before 10 AM, which means you must live nearly three hours away from the airport?!? Unless the bus is stopping many times along the ride there, and 303 person just happens to live right at the beginning of the route. Or maybe this trip is being organized by someone incredibly neurotic who insists upon their all arriving at the airport four hours before the flight leaves.

Regardless, 303 person and Leila have my pity.

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