Monday, January 14, 2008

FWD: Be At Peace.... Andrew Dezio. pass it on for his familyy, friends and loved ones..
from a 585 phone number, Tuesday, January 8, 3:35 PM

Once again, google is our best friend. For a full news story, go here. As a summary if that link should become inactive: Andrew Dezio was a 15-year-old boy whose body was found near a country club on January 8. Interestingly, the way that the cops found him involved tracing the last active signal from his cell phone. (This is interesting if you care at all about the varied uses for cell phones, which I assume you do, since you read this blog.)

This cell phone number is from northwest New York (says my list of area codes), which is also where Andrew Dezio lived (says that news article). And given, too, that the police found Andrew's body at 8:40 AM on the day this text was sent, I would venture that this 585 guy was at least tangentially connected to Andrew. And so s/he sent a text message about it.

It's so funny, the ways people handle grief and loss. It's like, if someone I knew died, I would probably post a myspace bulletin to alert as many of my friends as possible. But that's sort of... disquieting, isn't it?

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