Thursday, March 13, 2008

FWD: I luv u. U have 20 min 2 tell 10 ppl u luv them, (including me) or 2mrw will be the worst day! I LUV U, GO!
from an 818 phone number, Thursday, March 13, 11:58 AM

I didn't forward this on to ten people, so I'll report back to let you know if tomorrow ends up being the worst day. I hope it doesn't, since I really can't afford to have the worst day tomorrow. Especially not if I'm going off to Williamsburg in the evening to stalk people at their 30th birthday parties.


trampoline said...

I'm dying to know how 3/14 went, though in my experience, stalking people in Williamsburg is notoriously disappointing.

trampoline said...

Damn, I meant to check the follow-up comments box.