Sunday, July 13, 2008

imma make it juicy for yaaa.(:
from a 571 phone number, Sunday, July 13, 9:17 PM

Is this the same kind of "juicy" as the Leila who needed juicy to get loosey goosey? Or is this a different type of juicy? How many meanings of "juicy" are there?


Nichole said...

I am almost too embarrassed to write this, because it acknowledges the fact that I know this song, but this text is quoting lyrics from the Lil' Wayne song, Lollipop.

Leila said...

Ohhhhh yeah I own that song!

Also, this provides a good opportunity for me to share my all-time favorite Lil Wayne quote:

INTERVIEWER: "What is your biggest time suck?"
LIL WAYNE: "I ain't gonna lie: bitches."