Tuesday, August 5, 2008

3 cm and counting. they will admit me at 4 to5 and i enter "active" labor at 6cm. mom is on her way down tomorrow.
from a 336 phone number, Tuesday, August 5, 2:02 PM

Oh my God. I didn't read this text very closely when it came in because I was in the middle of something at work, but HELLO, this woman is telling Leila that she is IN LABOR. 336 is GIVING A BIRTH, and Leila doesn't even know because she DIDN'T GET THE TEXT.

This is way way more dramatic than 14-old-girls' text messages about how they hate one another for stealing boyfriends.


Josh said...

You should show up for the birth and help out. :)

klaus said...

Maybe this is another 14 year old girl, but this time she stole someone's boyfriend and got a little surprise along the way.