Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am sorry i texted both you and your roomie at the same time, but cmon, i havent met either of you, its not like it is a social faux is it?
from an 801 phone number, Tuesday, September 2, 1:38 PM

I assumed this text was not for me, but I guess there's no way to tell, since 801 specifies that I have never met her. I really like the phrase "social faux," though. Maybe she cut off the "pas" just to fit into her character count, but I may adopt it as my new catch phrase.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this is related to this: http://theboard.byu.edu/index.php?area=viewall&id=47162

The text you received is funnier with a little background info.

Leila said...

That. Is. Amazing!

I feel like eighty times more famous all of a sudden.

Emily said...

And really, the funniest part is that the dude TOTALLY missed the point - he was supposed to text you with what the chick had said. does this mean that he still hasn't texted either of those girls back?

ali said...

those poor girls

Ryan said...

See, this is why Leila Texts are so amusing.

Cecily Jane said...


I love this blog! It's nice to know that there are other people who are interested in usage out there.