Monday, October 6, 2008

Did u register 2 vote yet
from an 814 phone number, Friday, October 3, 8:08 PM

YEAH. DID YOU? Look, I know it seems all played out this election year, like yadda yadda yadda with the civic responsibility and whatnot, but SERIOUSLY IF YOU DON'T VOTE IN NOVEMBER I WILL MESS YOU UP. (This, of course, applies only to my American readers. The rest of you are off the hook.... FOR NOW.)


Thomas Mary James Gette said...

First off...I love this blog! I wanted to leave a general comment, so I had to pick one post to leave my comment and I found this particular one quite funny!

I love the commentary you make on each text...simply hilarious! This is checked as a blog I will always frequent (is that a redundant statement? "always frequent")

Anyways...the way I came about this blog is because of this post on my blog and a comment that ensued of someone informing me about your blog.

Please check out the post, it still confuses me! Thanks!

Peace be with you!

Leila said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like the blog.

Here's my guess on what happened to you: The woman spelled out her daughter's name instead of simply pulling it out of her contacts list. The name that she spelled (I guess JETTER) is somehow set as your vtext nickname. You may have chosen it yourself ages ago and just not remember, or Verizon may have assigned it to you. (They do that sometimes-- that's what happened in my case.)

It's still a series of weird coincidences, especially the bit where her daughter was born right around the same time as you. I wonder if you and this other Jetter are leading parallel lives! Oh, and I also wonder what's wrong with this mother, that she was late in wishing her OWN DAUGHTER a happy birthday. That's the eeriest bit of all.

Thomas Mary James Gette said...

LOL! I also wondered about her being late in wishing her daughter a happy birthday! And then only simply sending her a text instead of calling! You're too funny!

I am not sure if I have ever used a vtext before. I will have to search. I guess I will have to turn into a sleuth!

I know the lady told me for sure that she chose the name FROM the Contacts list as she always does.

Thanks for reading, by the way!

I look forward to more Verizon glitches!


Thomas Mary James Gette said...

WHOA! What is even stranger and I did not realize this when I made my first comment. The post of yours I commented on is a text from an 814 phone number and my phone number begins with 814. This is getting weirder by the day!

And, no, that was not my text! lol!