Friday, October 24, 2008

FWD:FW: Msg: Dear God, The lady reading this is beautiful and I love her. Help her live her life to the fullest. Send to 10 femals, even
from a 314 phone number, Wednesday, October 22, 10:48 PM

I wonder how God feels when he reads text messages like this one.


Connor said...

Have you been sending on to other beautiful femals?

In my mind, a femal is sort of a near-horse relative, related to the llama or alpaca, and indigenous to the Andes. But it could also be a marsupial.

Nemo said...

I think of it more as a bone in the leg, or possebly some kind of cooking herb.

Leila said...

I think a femal can be whatever you want it to be. It's not supposed to be limited. That's what Femal Power is all about.