Saturday, November 15, 2008

on the way
from a 912 phone number, Saturday, November 15, 3:03 AM

At 3:03 AM? Goodness, where were on your way to at 3:03 AM? (Not that I'm faulting you-- I was on my way to a bar at 3:03 AM, so it makes total sense to me.)

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Katie said...

I'd like to imagine pregnant wife Leila texted something like "THE BABY IS COMING NOW - MEET ME AT HOSPTIAL!!!" and father-to-be who is working the night shift and is very non-dramatic and quiet, texted back, very simply "on the way". Oh he has no idea how mad this Leila will be when he gets there and she is in labor and thinks he did not even have the courtesy to text her back . . .