Sunday, April 12, 2009

from a 206 phone number, Saturday, April 11, 11:23 AM

206 is not a Nebraska area code (it's in Washington state, which I believe is within a thousand miles of Nebraska, though I have never been to either one). Darling 206, what were you doing in Nebraska? What does anyone do in Nebraska? I don't mean to be bratty and East Coast snobbish here, I am asking innocently: What is there to do for fun in Nebraska? Should I vacation there? Do I have any Nebraska readers to help me out here?


Anonymous said...

It sounds like 206 is traveling cross country and sending his favorite Leila periodic updates. If you get one saying LEAVINGIOWA, let me know I was right!

barnE said...

Oh good guess! I was going with corn mazes.

How does one let anonymous know anything, though?

Kendra said...

Based on my experience, the main thing non-Nebraskans do in Nebraska is get speeding tickets.