Friday, May 1, 2009

i planed the whole thing out we are going to go to the mall and watch a movie, and then after that were going to eat at chipotle!!!
from a 703 phone number, Tuesday, April 28, 5:18 PM

I actually do this sort of thing a lot: Plan out a series of mundane activities and then get three exclamation marks worth of excited because, somehow, this series of events strikes me as perfect. Like last Saturday, when Heddle and I were all, "We are going to sit in the park! And then we are going to eat dinner at a restaurant! And then we are going to a bar with outdoor seating! And it will be the best Saturday EVER!" And it a little bit was.


Jeff said...

I think you meant "And it a little bit was!!!"

Heddle said...


(the only way it would have been better is if karaoke had worked out too)

Andrew said...

omg Heddle is my sister.

Andrew said...
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Caddie said...

Goddamn. I need to read this blog oftener. Because Heddle is my sister too, rofl, and the only one who will ever know it now is Leila, and even that is only if she has it set to email with new comments.



(Am I mean for making fun of my 13 year old brother?)

Leila said...

I should really just call this the Heddleson Family Blog and be done with it. I love you three.