Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heyy. What did your mom say!? And are you going to shannons saturday?
from a 508 phone number, Thursday, September 24, 7:10 PM

Heyy if you go to courtneys bring 7 of the 9 dollars you owe me from mini golf! I forgot to bring some.
from a 508 phone number, Friday, September 25, 5:20 PM

Leila! can you ask jess if i can use her glasses! I forgot mine at home.
from a 508 phone number, Monday, September 28, 6:31 AM

Heyy! Did dylan say anything to you!?
from a 508 phone number, Tuesday, September 29, 5:42 PM

Heyy! Text shawn and ask him if crystal asked him to bvt homecoming!
from a 508 phone number, Tuesday, September 28, 8:28 PM

A few things we have learned about 508 and her Leila:

1. They have a very happening social life. (Between Shannon and Courtney and Jess and Dylan and Shawn and Crystal, I cannot keep all these kids straight!)

2. BVT is a school in Upton, MA, so 508 and Leila must live around there.

A few things we still don't know about 508 and Leila:

1. What did Leila's mom say!?

2. Did Dylan say anything to Leila!?


michael said...

What we also don't know: why she's asking for "7 of the 9" dollars Leila owes her. Why doesn't she just ask for the $9?

Leila said...

Maybe she has $2 on her? You're right, though: How bizarre.