Tuesday, September 15, 2009

we can find fest deaf. we are cranbury and fern rod
from a 516 phone number, Sunday, September 13, 12:36 PM

A google search for "cranbury" + "fern rod" turned up nothing, so I give you. Your thoughts?


heather said...

Yep, Rod is the sender. Check out this link:

Texting must have been a huge boost of phone sales to the untapped market of deaf people.

Josh said...

I think that's Fern Road, not Rod. :)

Leila said...

hahaha "the untapped market of deaf people." How true, how true.

Also, this Deaf Fest website appears to have been made in 2001, when animated .gifs held a lot more cred than they do these days.

Leslie said...

Leila!! This is in my town! It's a major intersection about 30 seconds from my house. YOU'VE BEEN THERE!!!

Leila said...

Leslie! While we were there, WHY DIDN'T WE GO TO DEAF FEST?