Friday, December 18, 2009

8.012. IHTFP. :(
from a 214 phone number, Tuesday, December 15, 10:12 PM

Just guessing here: I Hate This Fucking Problem? Like if 8.012 were a problem at the end of chapter 8 in a textbook?


Meena said...

Yay I know the answer to this! IHTFP is a motto at MIT, which stands for I Hate This Fucking Place (or when you're in a better mood, I Have Truly Found Paradise). 8.012 is the intro "physics for masochists" class. They're in finals week now - presumably this kid just took his 8.012 final (or is studying for it).

Leila said...

ohhhh right! One of my best friends from high school went to MIT, so now I remember seeing that acronym before. I had forgotten!

Meena said...

Well I can say that that's definitely how I felt before/after taking my 8.012 final.... Though I did scrape together a pass! Good luck to the unnamed MIT student!