Monday, January 18, 2010

use the wii
prema to most, mom to 3

from a 740 phone number, Thursday, January 14, 10:30 AM

we r at the side door where we dropped u off
prema to most, mom to 3

from a 740 phone number, Thursday, January 14, 7:01 PM

i am going to be in mtg from 11 to 12. if u need something txt me before or after.
prema to most, mom to 3

from a 740 phone number, Friday, January 15, 10:30 AM

hi whats up? in a mtg till 11 but u can txt me
prema to most, mom to 3

from a 740 phone number, Monday, January 18, 10:00 AM

Prema's micromanaging of Leila has become downright creepy. Telling Leila exactly where she'll be during every hour of the day? Deciding which video game console Leila should use? Prema, listen, I don't care who Leila is or what your relationship is with her: If you love something, set it free. Set it at least a little free.


Trevor said...

Stop sending Leila text messages she never receives, and go talk to your daughter! Do you really have no clue that Leila is not getting your text messages?!

Maybe Leila is a teenager, and you believe sending Leila text messages is the only way you can communicate with her, and you think Leila's lack of response is because she is a teenager who thinks she is too cool to text message her mom back; however, I am certain even a teenage girl like Leila will speak to her mother at least some of the time.

How about trying to be, "mom to 3, prema to most"? Talk to your daughter! Stop texting her!

I am sending a message to a woman who will never receive it, ranting about her sending messages to Leila that are never received. I need to disconnect from the Internet now.

Leila said...

Trevor, I COMPLETELY agree with you! This is maybe the best comment I have ever gotten on this blog. Because you are SO RIGHT.

heidi said...

Wonder if Prema chalks up Leila's unresponsiveness to being a teenager. "Teenagers!"

Anonymous said...

I think prema's phone is sending texts to her leila and also to you. As a teenager, I always welcome offers of a ride; i would answer.

erites said...

makes me glad my mother's best time sending a text is twenty's not exactly a convenience for her, more of a novelty. mom is not tech-savvy. i once spent thirty minutes over the phone just helping her find the browser window. scary. (she has a master's in education...i don't get it.)
if she ever did master texting, my brother and i would probably move to a monastery and a nunnery, respectively. or some sort of cell dead zone. or disable the text function on our phones...yes, that would probably be best. and she would still text, even without reply-as prema is.
let me hypothesize, darkly...
our mother likes to pretend she has a relationship with her kids, and when we do speak she sometimes makes the error of trying to pretend i don't hate my father and my father doesn't hate me. i hang up. my brother has also hung up. she continues to talk. i kid you not. she will talk into a dead line if there's someone in the room she doesn't want to lose face in front of. (she was talking to my brother on the phone, he was instant messaging i have proof that at least once she talked into a dead line. for like fifteen minutes. amazing. and very sad. )
it is entiely possible that prema is aware the text msgs are going nowhere...or maybe she just suspects it, but as long as it hasn't been proven, she can pretend. she can pretend they're speaking. or hey, to be really sick? what if leila is dead?