Sunday, March 7, 2010

hey mom its lehua r u comin 2 pik mo up at da skool or is she takin da bus
from a 707 phone number, Friday, March 5, 5:32 PM

hey mom did u evcer gt my sleeping bag out of th etruck : (
from a 707 phone number, Saturday, March 6, 8:44 PM

hey mom hope u had a awesome bday party!! love yah
from a 707 phone number, Sunday, March 7, 4:26 AM

Leila and her mom seem to have a pretty "laid-back relationship," like the kind where Leila doesn't even have to spell out full words or actually call her mother to wish her a happy birthday. Would your mom be okay with this, readers?


Renee said...

Lol that's so random

Anonymous said...

hopefully this was her birthday party, not her actual birthday...