Sunday, May 9, 2010

WERLEIN 6ive v good. Hacker gal super cant wait 2 c u!
from an 847 phone number, Friday, May 7, 12:30 PM

Probably this Leila here, since she's the only Leila with the last name Werlein I can find on facebook, and also she lives in Wisconsin, and 847 is a northern Illinois phone number, and (check a map if you don't believe me), Wisconsin is close to Illinois. Anyway. That answers one question, but sheds no light on the issue of: Who is Hacker Gal?


Anonymous said...

i can confirm that 847 is a chicagoland area code. the sender may also be someone that either lives in wisconsin and commutes to chicago or vise versa.

Unknown said...

I dont know if its that leila b/c she doesnt look like the can habla espaƱol. #profiling #mybad