Monday, July 12, 2010

Hi mrs likes the muffins if you have more... Its a nice quiet day here today. Hope your party was ok... Mr & mrs was about ready to go to your party. I sa
from a 607 phone number, Sunday, July 4, 12:53 PM EST

Hey girl queen of the chickens! I'llsee you @ 130 @sallys
from a 607 phone number, Wednesday, July 7, 9:25 AM EST

Good morning my chicken queen! How are you doing> Hows the family your hubby & girls? mr & mrs first words from both of them have i heard how you are
from a 607 phone number, Saturday, July 10, 10:07 AM EST

Who are Mr and Mrs? Potato Head? No, seriously, I think maybe 607 is a maid or a nanny or something. Why else would you refer to people as "Mr and Mrs"?

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Pete said...

I really want to know what the chicken queen thing is about.