Monday, July 26, 2010

Leila I never thought you would have hated me like you do I always told you the truth we were always spent our birthdays together yesterday was no
from an 803 phone number, Friday, July 23, 5:22 PM EST

So I texted this woman back to say that Leila didn't get her text and she should resend it by pulling Leila's name out of her contacts list. Then she replied as follows:

Who is this please tell Leila I love you
from an 803 phone number, Friday, July 23, 5:29 PM EST

It occurred to me that she wasn't exactly getting the picture. So I called her. We proceeded to have a maybe ten-minute conversation in which I tried, hopelessly, to explain why Leila wasn't getting her texts, and that, no, I did not know Leila, and Leila was not here with me, and Leila may have been avoiding her, or she may simply have not received her texts. For whatever it's worth, 803 is Leila's mother, and she lives in South Carolina. I never got her name.

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