Monday, October 4, 2010

Leila, in your professional opinion, hlow long do drugs like marijuana and lsd take to clear the system for a urine test? Do diet and exercise help?
from a 218 phone number, Thursday, September 23, 10:59 PM EST

Sometimes the Leila Texts require that I provide information that, unfortunately, I just don't have at my fingertips. My guess here would be that marijuana and LSD clear the system at different rates, and that both take a few weeks to make you clean for a urine test, and that diet and exercise may help, but not significantly. In short, I would guess that 218 is screwed for whatever drug screening she has to take.

But I open this up to you, dear readers. In your professional opinion, how long would this take?

Hypothetically, of course.


Amy Finnegan said...

Hmmm . . . I have no idea how long it takes, but I agree with your own conclusion that the texter is pretty much screwed.

And why would this friend "Leila" have a professional opinion on this topic, anyway? Is "Leila" a doctor, or a professional user?

This blog is so entertaining. I love the way you interpret these random texts!

Anonymous said...

LSD is detactable for about 2-3 days while marijuana can be detactable for upto a month. So yeah they are pretty much screwed.

marye~ said...

ROTF! MJ takes about 30 days, but it really depends on how much is in their system and their body type. Acid on the other hand is gone almost immediately, but drug test aren't really looking for that combo of drugs. I still say she screwed!
L.O.V.E your blog!

Leila said...

I am so glad I posed this question to you all. I KNEW the Internet would be able to answer this!