Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ugh. i rly dont wanna come upstairs because this isall sooooo frckn embarasssssing
from an 818 phone number, Sunday, December 19, 11:02 PM EST

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. now ur prolly gona tel kelsey tht she was rite n NEVER come ovr agen. ohb joy
from an 818 phone number, Sunday, December 19, 11:04 PM EST

818, I am now going to explain to you the difference between cool people and uncool people. Listen closely. It's not that humiliating things never happen to cool people. They do. (Albeit less frequently.) The difference is that cool people are able to play them off. They're like, "Ha, ha, whatever," and they toss their hair and change the subject. Uncool people say things like, "Ugh, now you're going to tell Kelsey about this embarrassing thing that happened to me, and then you will never come over again, because you hate me now!" You can avoid this fate, 818. I believe in you.


Manjo said...

Did you mean to write 'uncool' twice or was that a freudian slip to show us all that there are no cool people?

Leila said...

That was a mistake! Thanks. Fixing it now.