Monday, February 7, 2011

Hi, do you wanna hang out tomorrow? We are going to mtg and then having friend over for super bowl. Xoxo
from a 323 phone number, Saturday, February 5, 11:51 PM EST

barackman In the car back 2 nyc right now. Coming back erly cuz dad wants 2 watch superbowl 2day.
from a 917 phone number, Sunday, February 6, 12:52 PM EST

Stillllllllllerrrrrrzzzzzzzz are not going very well Happy Super Bowl
from a 413 phone number, Sunday, February 6, 8:21 PM EST

I hope you all had Superbowl Sundays that were just as fabulous as these Leila Texters (or not so fabulous, in the case of 413). Opinions on best commercials? Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Nope but thanks for asking. :)