Wednesday, June 22, 2011

goodmorning Leila you been on my mind. This the day that the Lord has made we
from a 301 phone number, Tuesday, June 21, 5:43 AM EST

hey leila, i'm on my way to work, i have to leave early today cause ihave to go and get my breast checked again. say a prayer for me. nef will b here wed.
from a 301 phone number, Tuesday, June 21, 5:47 AM EST

The bit about these texts that most concerns me is that she was awake at 5:43 AM. WHY.

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Michael said...

I'm not surprised. 301 is an area code in Maryland outside of Washington, DC, and a lot of commuters there are up REALLY early. My folks live there and my mom is up everyday at 5:00. Plus if she's worried about her breast (breast cancer scare I imagine?) maybe she isn't sleeping well.